Heart Surgery on my 25th birthday

Here is my newest piece that is called 'Heart Surgery'. 

While I painted this I kept telling myself "It's gonna be ok, it's gonna be ok". Painting this piece felt like I was operating my own heart. It's very bare and revealing but I wanted it to be as honest as possible. It's bloody and messy but that's what healing is all about. You first have to face your demons before you can start building a new foundation and get over your fears. I also find it interesting now that I created this piece purely with a knife and my hands. Just like in a real operating room. Subconscious is a wonderful creator.

The materials used were acrylic paints and pages of a phone book to create different textures on the surface. I mainly used a plastic picnic knife for sculpting and applying the paint, and to finish it I used my bare hands and some water. The size of this is estimably 100cm x 70cm