ALBA is a singer-songwriter and producer from Finland. Her artist name was inspired by a meeting with an old man whilst travelling through Morocco, who told her that the name would bring her fortune in life. After leaving Finland at the age of 16 to busk in the streets of London, ALBA returned to her home country to work on her solo releases and write for other artists. 

To date, her cover of Ellie Goulding’s ‘Love me like you do’ has gained over 300,000 plays on Soundcloud and her collaboration ‘One and Wild’ with DJ and producer Tarmo has been played more than half a million times on Spotify. Her first solo release ‘Life of a Bird’ has been streamed over 55000 times on Spotify.

In 2016 ALBA met producer PSYLLA and they wrote and co-produced her first single 'Life of a Bird'. This debut single was released in collaboration with Starmode Records in February 2017 and so far has been played over 50,000 times on Spotify.

ALBA's second release 'Diamonds and Cash' is due to come out in late summer 2017. 

Photos by Miska Lehto.